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This is an intensive, hardcore, hands on Security class by the creators of Backtrack especially designed for delivery in BlackHat Trainings. The course is an interesting amalgamation between our entry level course (“Offensive Security 101”) and expert level course (“BackTrack to the Max”). A professional and seasoned team of Security Professionals will help you take your skills a few steps further. “Common” hacking techniques are revisited from a professional and practical approach for a better and more efficient pentest. Several topics include “hardcore drilldowns”, such as bypassing ASLR during exploit development, injecting malicious code into files under Windows Vista, bypassing Antivirus systems, etc – all based on the award winning live Distribution – BackTrack 3. The course is heavily laced with the “do it yourself” approach, and will expose you to the raw underlying mechanisms of the various attack vectors. In addition, commercial penetration testing software such as Core Impact and Saint Exploit will be explored in a controlled lab environment. Complimentary demos will be handed out to students.


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