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I LOVE LIVE IN Its because…

1.Triumphant corruptor, They can’t be touched by law

2. Electric firm that Do Ever come up short Electricity, Can never find way out for its problem, But can ever raise rate and also fine for customer.<– I like thiz very much, Livin in the darkness. waw, Sounds cool right?

3. Councillor that does ever think up about salary increase or subsidy. To carouse at abroad.

4. Water company that “drought” ,8 year I stay, but never see PDAM’S hoses.

5. The police officer A.K.A Motherfucker that do ever say “we are the society protector”, In point of fact..

6. Law that do ever confused. stay to play tongue, Become the another one.

7. Superior that always eluding even subordinate really troublesome evident correctness.

8. Rich will resource, But always comes up short that resource for its society. just like an chicken but dead at rice granary.

Nothing Personal. That is just my opinion 🙂


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